30 October 2009

Greg Moore

I was 17 when Greg Moore passed away, and honestly, I don't remember much of his career, outside of him filling Jacques Villeneuve's seat with Player Ltd. Racing (and Villeneuve was one of my favorite drivers in the mid-90's).  I was busy being a junior in high school, and while I watched open-wheel races, outside of the 500 I wasn't rushing to the TV to watch the races.  

I remember hearing about Moore and seeing the crash on ESPN, but in today's Indianapolis Star, Curt Cavin writes an excellent remembrance of Moore and how a star on the rise was cut down entering the prime of his career.

There's some great stuff in Cavin's article, including some interesting insights for where Moore might be today and how open-wheel racing might has changed as a result, too.

For some more information, too, check out Oilpressure.com's excellent piece on Moore as well.

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