22 October 2009


So the IndyCar Series may or may not be going to Rio de Janeiro in March.

Both The Silent Pagoda and 16th and Georgetown reported on a story posted to Indycar.com, dated Oct. 31, that was later pulled from the site.  It seems as if someone prepared a story that was supposed to run on Oct. 31, hit "post," only to realize that Halloween is still nine days away. 

(As an aside, why would the IndyCar Series announce  this on Halloween to begin with?  October 29 - a Thursday - seems like a much more logical date to announce this and get it into the news cycle, as opposed to a day in which half the sports editors will be out taking their children trick-or-treating.)

Rio de Janeiro is the home of adult trick-or-treating, otherwise known as Carnaval.  It's like New Orleans' Mardi Gras, just taken to an entirely different level. And as someone who experience Bourbon Street and lived to tell the tale (even with Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House being prominently involved), I can only imagine the atmosphere that will engulf the IndyCar Series in mid-March, 2010.  With that, I'm off to find some beads for the party.

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  1. That picture -- the one w/ the 65' lion & a few thousand strippers -- is NOT from Carnaval. No, it's from a nondescript Tuesday-evening commute last June. And a relatively routine, boring one at that.

    Pictures from Carnaval rarely pass through work firewalls. If ever.