09 October 2009

What to Expect at Homestead (& Let SFR Have a Big Presser)

I voted that I thought Dario Franchitti would win on the Indycar.com fan poll, so I'm sticking with that.

Why?  First, I wanted the points on my Indy Downforce membership.  Secondly, it's just a gut call.  Briscoe won the Chicagoland race, while Dixon won at Japan.  Franchitti had his chances at both tracks, but couldn't come up with the victory.  Tomorrow, I think he gets it.

(It's a pretty scientific breakdown, I know.)
For some reason, I don't see any of the five ideas I proposed (here are Parts I, II, III, IV, V) actually taking place today or tomorrow at Homestead-Miami Raceway.  Though it would be nice if Danica Patrick actually addressed all the "Will she or won't she" rumors and aspects to her contract negotiations/signing.

Though if Danica doesn't want to hold a press conference about her future plans, let Sarah Fisher fill the same role I had proposed.  Since Sarah Fisher Racing is expanding to a two-car team and running more races, let one of the series' most popular drivers and best ambassadors hold a press conference with fans.

And good for SFR for going with the 2006 Indy Lights champion in Howard, who drove for the HMS Marty Roth's sinking ship for part of 2008.  There, along with the likelihood that Alex Lloyd will be running for NHL Racing in 2010 (as long as HER energy is on board), shows that Indy Lights drivers can actually obtain IndyCar Series rides.

But what am I looking forward to in regards to the Firestone 300?  Something more climactic than NASA's launching a missile into the Moon this morning, that's for sure.  (Just a helpful PR tip for the boys at NASA, coming from a Space Academy attendee and self-confessed space dork - Next time you hype up hitting the moon on live TV, maybe you want to make sure the pictures get back to the Earth).  So, thanks NASA, for the early-morning tease.

If that's what we get tomorrow night, I won't be a happy camper. Which means that the back-markers of this race need to stay clear.  If you're being lapped, let it happen - you don't want to be the one who is remembered for wrecking one of the championship contenders as you were going 12 laps down.

Fortunately, I don't think we'll see it happen (though I can see Mike Conway wrecking, unfortunately - he just seems to find the wall easier than some).

With the series' top three drivers this season, on the top two teams, the finale should come down to the last lap of the season, as God intended.  No help from racing officials to artificially bunch the field.

Now I won't see the race live - I will be in Merrillville, Ind., for a wedding.  Good timing on my friend's part.  So the DVR is set.  I will watch the race on Sunday morning, in a hungover state, and do my best to bring you a coherent reaction shortly thereafter.

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