13 October 2009

It Just Occurred to Me

Yes, the 2009 IndyCar finale had no caution flags.  Yes, it dissolved into a three-car race, with the rest of the field lapped.  However, those were the three cars racing for a points championship, so no complaints there.

And after another series decided to artificially bunch their field towards the end of a race the following day, creating a cluster of wrecked cars and debris, let's be thankful for a moment that the racing stewards in the IndyCar Series don't resort to this kind of tactic.

Imagine if you will, shortly before Ryan Briscoe and The Haast Eagle pulled in for their final pit stops, all but handing the championship to Franchitti, a yellow flag waves for caution for a piece of debris on the track.  The debris sits harmlessly against the wall, but it's there, nonetheless.

No one would have hit it, but since the race is becoming a pit-strategy race, the stewards took it upon themselves to bunch the top three once again, for TV's sake.

With all three drivers now staying out, the field bunches.  In the closing laps, some overagressive back-markers get together.  Now, whomever is out front crosses the start/finish line under yellow, claiming the championship.

That scenario makes me want to vomit.

Thank you, IndyCar Series for at least having the integrity to let the race unfold in a natural manner and not try to play with the results for the sake of TV.

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