02 July 2009


I'm off to Boston and Maine for vacation over the next two weeks - maybe I can stop by New Hampshire Speedway and talk them into hosting an IndyCar race - I know I'd go.

Anyways, since I'm off to a land where Internet is scarce (and hopefully the ABC signal comes in alright), I'll have to make some predictions now and hope they're right.

At Watkins Glen, Scott Dixon will win. AGR will have a performance similar to they did at Richmond, but it won't be enough, as Dixon assumes the points lead from his teammate, Dario Franchitti.

Your top five:
  1. Dixon
  2. Briscoe
  3. Kanaan
  4. Franchitti
  5. Castroneves
Then at Toronto, it will finally happen - someone from neither Ganassi nor Penske will win a race - Tony Kanaan will take the title at Toronto. I expect AGR to put everything they have into the race as they are the promoter of it.

Your top five at Toronto:
  1. Kanaan
  2. Franchitti
  3. Dixon
  4. Briscoe
  5. Castroneves
So, that's how I see it happening. Like I said, I'll be gone over the next couple weeks, but if I can steal some Internet, I'll try and make some updates. In the very least, I'll be watching along on ABC or finding Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network affiliates on the east coast (well, in Maine and New Hampshire).

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