29 July 2009

Let's See What Happens

Basically, the Honda engines that will race at Kentucky will be equipped with push-to-pass.

We'll see what it adds to Saturday's race (and I'll file a full report on returning from Kentucky Speedway), but Graham Rahal seems to think it will be a idea, telling Curt Cavin of The Indianapolis Star:
"You wouldn't think so, but 5 horsepower is a pretty big deal, even on these ovals. Every little 'hp' is going to help you.It will improve the racing because people forget that it's not only something that's used for overtaking, it's also for defending. It can be interesting. There's no doubt in my mind it's a good thing."
Rahal would know - he used a similar system when running Champ Car. Whether the push-to-pass and the added car options for teams help the racing this weekend remains to be seen, but give the IndyCar Series credit for trying to spice up the competition.

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