14 April 2009

This Will Be A Theme

Bruce Martin of SI.com (one my personal favorites when perusing the IndyCar writers), kicked it off with an article yesterday (here). I would expect this to continue to be a big story in the IndyCar Series throughout the year, especially as the summer rolls around.

Of what does Mr. Martin speak, you ask? Only about Danica Patrick's possible career moves as her contract at Andretti Green Racing expires.

Personally, I think Patrick will stay in IndyCar. While a move to NASCAR could potentially be more lucrative, she seems to truly be invested in winning the Indianapolis 500 and pushing the level of achievement for women in racing even higher than she has with her one victory.

While NASCAR is the biggest motor racing sport in America, IndyCar is slowly gaining ground, especially in this economic climate. While Motorola would more than likely follow her into the land of NASCAR, they may feel that they would receive better exposure if Danica continues to fair well in the ICS. Think about for a minute - would Mobil1 be better served by receiving coverage when Sam Hornish spins, or if he was in Victory Lane after another IndyCar win? I think I know where I'd rather spend my money.

Anyways, just keep an eye on this throughout the year - if Danica Patrick gets off to a slow start to this season, including a disappointing finish at Indianapolis, things could get downright silly.

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