08 April 2009

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Centennial

As I said in my welcome, I've been attending the Indianapolis 500 since I was 10. Which means I missed opportunities to witness Al Unser's fourth win at the track (1987), as well as Rick Mears' fourth win (1991), because my parents used our 500 tickets then. I guess at the ages of four and nine, I might not have been ready for the atmosphere at IMS (yes, that means I missed the Snake Pit, for the most part, but my dad has been kind enough to recount stories).

Despite a lack of attendance at the race back in my formative years, I still followed racing, as Danny Sullivan was one of my earliest heroes. Why Danny Sullivan? I don't know - probably because I saw highlights of the "Spin and Win" as I was growing up, and I thought it was one of the coolest things I'd seen. Danny Sullivan, at least in 1985, drove a red car - my favorite color was red. That 1985 Miller American car was probably one of the reasons I now drink Miller beer (ok, maybe not).

Anyways, this all leads us to the Centennial Era at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Because I was 1 (well, to be more juvenile about it, 1 and a half) in 1985, I didn't see the 500 that year. Maybe I did, but it would have been on TV and later at night, and I don't remember, to be honest.

However, I can still see the highlights of the race, as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has done a fantastic job gathering interviews and footage from the last 100 years or so at the track and created numerous highlight packages about the history at the track. And with the 500 just 46 days away, I would highly recommend going through some of the highlights and interviews - it'll get you ready for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

The video player for the highlights is at the bottom of this post, and if you want to head over to IMS' Centennial page, click here.

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