30 April 2009

The Mini

I'll be running in my fourth straight (I think it's four, it could be just three) Mini-Marathon on Saturday. Overall, it's my sixth Mini, as I ran a couple when I was in grade school - I ran better times back then, too.

I didn't do any specific training program - I've just been working out since November in an effort to cut a few pounds, and running the Mini again seemed like a good idea. We'll find out on Saturday, though I'm not as optimistic as I've been in the past. However, I attribute this to knowing how a 13.1-mile race makes one's body feel. I ran a 5k last Saturday, and my legs were locked up most of Sunday (though not stretching probably didn't help).

The nice thing about the Mini in recent years is that actual IndyCar drivers are participating. Last year E.J. Viso ran the race, crossing the line in 1:36.16. That's ridiculous - he was 1,091st overall in a field of over 30,000 runners. The fun part was it was Viso's first-ever look at the track.

On Saturday, two more IndyCar drivers will look to tackle the Mini - Will Power and Mike Conway. I have a feeling they're in much better shape than me, and in a sea of 30,000 people, who knows if we'll see them (though Conway's red hair may help), but best of luck to them. For Conway's sake, I hope he's in better shape than I, since he'll have to go through Rookie Orientation at the Speedway on Wednesday. You don't want to do that with legs still sore from Saturday.

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