07 April 2009

And So It Begins

I'll be the first to admit - I have no idea where this will go. I just had some thoughts in my head and thought I'd start getting them out there, like everybody else.

However, I will try and give anyone who reads this an idea of what I'll be talking about on here: primarily IndyCar racing, baseball and Boston College athletics.

Baseball (specifically the Chicago Cubs) is my favorite sport, as I played it since I could walk. I've been a die-hard Cubs fan since I can remember, and it was helped that WGN was streamed into my household and my mother could put on the game and I would watch while she slept or did housework (or whatever she did - I was watching baseball).

As for the IndyCar racing, I've spent nearly 22 years of my life in Indianapolis, home of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," the Indianapolis 500. I've been attending the race since 1993, only missing it once since (1997, when rain pushed the race back to a Tuesday and my parents wouldn't let me skip school - they still hear about it).

I attended Boston College, graduating in 2005. My four years in Boston helped shape who I am today, and I would be remiss if I didn't share my thoughts on some of the athletics teams on The Heights.

Anyways, welcome, and I'm sure I'll post on some random topics as well.

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