30 April 2010

Take Scott and Dario on the Road with You

I have no idea where this sits on the Störtebeker-Ganassi Scale of Badassery (copyright The Silent Pagoda) (I would go low on the scale, personally), but you can now take Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti on family vacation.  While the kids stare mindlessly at their PSP or the video on the TV screen (whatever happened to books and the license plate game?), the Haast Eagle and Sideburns will gently guide you to your destination via TomTom, spouting off phrases like, 
Toll charge.  This is nothing - you should see what an Indycar costs.
Regardless, it's good to see Target-Chip Ganassi Racing using a sponsor to market their drivers, even if I'd rather here Chip's voice guiding me on the way:
No, no, turn around!  The 21st Amendment is back there.  You'll need tequilla - lots of tequilla - for the massive party we're going to.  And cigars.  Big fat, expensive cigars.  And models.  Do they have models in 21st Amendment?  See if that St. Pauli's Girl is in there.  Aww, hell, never mind, I know where to go to find the women.  We'll need two for each arm - don't worry about how many seats are in this car, they'll fit - you're rollin' with the Chipster.

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