22 April 2010

Sums It Up

The Boa Constrictor himself, E.J. Viso, pegged himself in a story on Indycar.com.  Viso, speaking to Dave Lewandowski, brought up a visit he made to his old school in San Pedro, Calif.

Viso, on his favorite type of surfing:

I’m not a surfer, but I know how to surf. I do kite surfing, and I think that’s more fun because you can do more tricks and go faster. Surfing, you have to be more patient and have to wait for the right wave to come. I’m not the most patient person.
Indeed, E.J. isn't known for his patience in an Indycar, either.  But the man who brought the fear of God into Jack Arute's eyes last year with his pet boa constrictor is seemingly made for the exciting world of oval Indycar racing, due in part to this lack of patience.

In other words, Kansas cannot come soon enough.

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