01 September 2009

Terry Angstadt is a Sly Fox

DirecTV and Versus could not reach an agreement on a new contract, so as of right now, IndyCar fans who use DirecTV cannot see the IndyCar Series (this would include many sports bars and grills as well) at home.  
However, thanks to Terry Angstadt and the scheduling genius of 2009, IndyCar fans have 18 days (18!) for Versus and DirecTV to come together on a contract.  It's almost like Angstadt saw this coming when he scheduled the final three races of 2009 over 42 days.

With his sage-like scheduling, Angstadt has created a window for DirecTV subscribers to hold out hope that IndyCar racing will return to the satellite within two weeks.  And with Versus holding the rights to some early college football games, too, the demand for the network may be there (maybe).  

Just in case you don't get Versus back, DirecTV subscribers, at least you have your memories from the last race you saw - just keep those visions of three-wide racing and 1st-13th coming within 0.8 second of each other.  Besides, that's all any of us have for the next 18 days, anyways.

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