24 September 2009

How to Spice Up the Championship, Part I

Ok, so there remains 17 days until the IndyCar Series Championship at Homestead-Miami.  Three drivers still have a chance to win the title, meaning once again, the championship will likely come down to the last corner of the last lap (without any contrived re-shuffling of points).

However, what will catch eyeballs and force extended highlights that night?  IndyCar will be competing with football for eyeballs, so what would cause ESPN and the network affiliates (outside of Indianapolis and Miami - will Miami TV stations air highlights?) to give the race additional coverage?

Follow me below the fold for an idea on how to raise the profile of The Haast Eagle.

It struck me as I watched the All Blacks (New Zealand) demolish the Wallabies (Australia) in rugby union over the weekend. Just watch below:

Given the fact that a Kiwi leads an Australian for the points title, what is stopping Scott Dixon from dropping the Haka on both Ryan Briscoe and Dario Franchitti (yes, Scotland plays rugby, too) prior to the race?  The Haka is meant to both honor the Maori culture of New Zealand and prepare one for an upcoming test (and if it happens to intimidate, that's fine too).

So what TV station wouldn't show Dixon doing this to psyche out his two closest competitors?  Better yet, bring the All Blacks to Homestead-Miami to do the Haka, along with Dixon, prior to the race.  Watch that video again - you don't think people would be fired up to race after that?

Plus, it would be the talk of racing for a weekend.  And give you more than 30 seconds on SportsCenter that night.

Finally, you can read this idea in its first stage, along with plenty of other IndyCar-related (and non-IndyCar-related questions) by visiting The Silent Pagoda, here.

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