22 August 2009

Making Sonoma Exciting

Not that Infineon Speedway isn't exciting (actually, I've never been there, so it could be for all I know. It looks nice, though), but America's pre-eminent motorsports beat writer, Curt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star, certainly spiced things up with a few tweets recently.

Here is what Cavin tweeted over the last 20 minutes:
@curtcavin Danica: Staying in IRL with AGR, but paperwork not done. #indycar
You can see more detailed tweets of his by clicking here. For my tweets, click here.

So, basically, as expected, Danica Patrick is staying in the IndyCar Series. What is surprising, though not as surprising as it would have been a few months ago, it that she will be staying with Andretti Green Racing, or whatever it will be known as in the future. Per Cavin:
Danica said Michael A. convinced her team headed in right direction ... Danica said she's spent the last two days with Boost Mobile execs, including the president. She likes activation that's to come.
So, that's a positive for IndyCar moving forward. Plus, it will give people in motorsports garages and telecasts around the country something to talk about this weekend. Kudos (and thanks) to Curt Cavin for providing some fodder for tomorrow's broadcast.

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