17 August 2009

Does a 2003 Indycar qualify as a clunker?

When I first heard the news that Sarah Fisher Racing had received a second car, I did not think much of it. "A second car, great - a fine gesture from Hartman Oil," was my thought process.

Then I read this, courtesy of Curt Cavin's article on IndyStar.com:
Fisher’s team had only one car, a 2003 model that is thought to be the oldest in the series still be used as a primary car.
You have to be kidding me - for the operation of Sarah Fisher Racing to survive on the back of a 2003 model IndyCar is remarkable. Not only was it a huge risk, but the competitive disadvantage the team was at had to be staggering. Knowing that they were running a clunker and still landing sponsorships and putting forth decent results (which now seem even more impressive considering they were running a 2003 model car) is a testament to the personality of Sarah Fisher.

So, best of luck with the new car to SFR; it sounds like the car will be ready to run in the season finale at Homestead, so we'll see how the team fares with a balanced playing field. If they've come this far with a 2003, I would imagine they can grow by leaps and bounds (I didn't say they'd win a race) with a new one.

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  1. Speaking of good ambassadors for the league... Sarah Fisher is a class act. Hopefully her upgraded car will help her upgrade her finishing position at Homestead!