04 March 2010

Thinking Out Loud

(It's dangerous, I know.)

I'm going to start a rumor, or maybe just take a slightly educated guess on a driver announcement for Andretti Autosport.

On March 1, the
team tweeted:
Andretti Autosport to announce new driver this week. Any guesses? Stayed tuned for details!
Then, roughly two hours later, Graham Rahal tweets:
Headin to the doctor. Need to get a checkup on somethin. Busy day today.
Then, today (or close to midnight this morning), Rahal tweets again:
I just want everyone to know Randy Bernard is great! He has helped more in the past 12 hours than anyone ever before I think!
With Andretti Autosport due to make their announcement by the end of the week, could it be possible that on March 1, the team reached an agreement with Rahal and had him get another physical from a doctor?  Seems possible to me.

And since coming on board March 1, could Randy Bernard have been efforting to secure additional sponsorship for Rahal?  Also possible.

Now, do I have any evidence of this, other than what I have read on a few twitter accounts?  No.  Not even close (other than some circumstantial evidence that Andretti Autosport is the home for American drivers at the moment and the team has Izod's support behind it.)

But if I read the tea leaves correctly, you heard it here first.


  1. I think my head just spun completely around, Exorcist-style. Maybe this is the new destiny for the long-rumored 5th car at Andretti? We can only hope...

  2. lotus may sponsor 2 cars? rahal gets an andretti ride at the last minute? hildebrand in a boy scout car?

    megan fox knocks on my front door?

    hey--it could happen.

    (sorry to post as anonymous, computer-illiterate here and can't figure out how else to do it.)