09 March 2010

They Care

For all of the teeth-gnashing over the 2012 chassis, many outspoken critics of the process were insistent that the leaders of the Izod IndyCar Series would not listen to the fan when it came to making a choice.

To that, the email I received this morning is a polite was of telling those people "Child please."  Here is the basic text of that email:

The Indy Racing League recently announced objectives for its next generation of the IZOD IndyCar Series chassis - safe, raceable, cost-effective, domestically-built, less mass/more efficient, relevant technology, modern look, and green.  We believe these attributes define the sanctioning body's goals in developing the next iconic car as part of the bright future of our sport.

As a valued member of IndyCar Nation, the league would like to ask for your input on the future chassis as we continue through the research phase.

Now, while this survey may just be available to Indy Downforce members (of which I am one), sign up is easy by visiting Indycar.com (though there are no guarantees you'll be able to participate in the survey if you register now).

Regardless, kudos to the Izod IndyCar Series for reaching out to their fans and taking into account their opinions as they work to reach a decision on the future of the series.

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  1. I'm very glad too of this attitude towards fans. I chose Lolas 1st and 2nd, Dallara 2 3rd, Delta Wing 4th, don't remember whether Dallara 1 or Swift normal 5th. And the perfect car has 25% speed, 25% looks, 20% safety, 2% American-built, and I forgot the rest.