14 February 2010

Who Doesn't Resurface a Track in 30 Years?

I try to avoid NASCAR at all costs - unless the Daytona 500 or Brickyard 400 are on.  And even on Sunday, I stayed away from Daytona, because in all honesty, attempting to rig the car so that gigantic packs of cars are bunched together in order to create a large wreck (whether they admit it or not) doesn't necessarily appeal to me.

Anyways, at some point between flipping the channels, I noticed the red flag on the race and figured there was a wreck.  To find out that a pothole caused a two-hour delay brought a chuckle.

Seriously, with all the pomp and circumstance NASCAR heaps upon itself, how do you not pave the "crown jewel" of the sport in 30 years?

In this instance, kudos to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for actually investing in the track and area - they've resurfaced the track at least twice in the last 15 years.  Just another instance in which the reality of IndyCar is trumped by the hype of NASCAR, I suppose.

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