25 February 2010

Stirring the Pot

Over at The Silent Pagoda, they've revealed the sixth chassis choice for the future of the Izod IndyCar Series.

And while Senor Hobbson provides the snark that the series so desperately leads, one must consider still another source for the future chassis of the Izod IndyCar Series: New Zealand.

In last the few years, New Zealand has given us the following:
mainstream bungee jumping, the haka, the Haast Eagle, and now....(drumroll please).....


Recently revealed in Wisconsin, which should please the Midwestern crowd the Izod IndyCar Series needs to survive.

Sure, it looks bulkier than today's Dallara chassis, but no worries, in two years, that thing will refined and we can all take in the spectacle of jetpack racing.  And if it's not, at least those giant drums will provide ample sponsorship room for the likes of Lucas Oil Jet Fuel, Herbalife and Vasoline Men's Lotion.

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